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Makeovers for women going through a life transition.

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We are looking for women who have been through a life transition and need a style makeover.

The makeover will be filmed as part of Tracy Gold’s Style Your Transition makeover show.

What To Expect

Come Prepared to have a lot of fun while Tracy and her team help you discover a look that represents the beautiful woman you are NOW!

Your Style Makeover will take place in New York City. You will learn how to dress, style your hair and apply your makeup so you can re-create your new look every day.

Your Style Makeover Experience Includes:

  • Personal Styling Session: Tracy Gold will teach you how to dress for your body shape, personal style and lifestyle.
  • An Outfit: You will get to choose an outfit from The Tracy Gold New York Collection
  • Personal Shopping Session:  Tracy will take you to NYC stores that best suit your budget. You will learn how to shop for your body shape, personal style and budget.
  • Make-up Lesson: Award winning Makeup Artist, Debra Rubin-Roberts She will help you formulate your perfect daily makeup routine.  
  • Hairstyling Lesson:  You will learn quick and easy ways to style your own hair. 
  • Coaching Session: Executive Coach, Chrisa Zindros-Boyce strategies that will enable you to integrate the self-care practices you learnt into your daily life.

What Is Not Included:

  • Any travel and accommodation costs
  • Any purchases above and beyond the one outfit from The Tracy Gold New York Collection
  • Please note that you will be asked to sign a release form prior to your style makeover date is confirmed

About Tracy Gold

Renowned Personal Stylist, Fashion Designer and Show Host.

Much in demand as a fashion authority with 20 years of experience styling and designing for women of various shapes, sizes and ages, Tracy continually finds fun and innovative ways to help women look and feel fabulous.

She is the Lead Stylist and Fashion Host on QVC for brands such as Truth + Style and La Blanca swimwear.

With the massive increase in online and live stream shopping trends, in 2021 Tracy founded Tracy Gold New York offering slimming silhouttes that are easy to fit, easy to style and simple to purchase online with confidence.

Tracy launched her own show, Tracy Gold New York, on Whatnot and ShopShops Livestream Shopping Apps in 2023 and is building a loyal customer base clamoring for the next release.

Having styled hundreds of women, she specializes in styling tips and makeovers that empower women with the skill to be able to re-create their new look every day.

Tracy was born in the US, spent most of her life in Cape Town, South Africa and lives in Manhattan with her husband and two siamese cats.

Meet Tracy’s Team

Debra Rubin-Roberts - Style Your Transition
Debra Rubin-Roberts

Award-winning makeup artist and Founder of Mommy Makeup

For more about Debra click here

Chrisa Zindros Boyce - Style Your Transition
Chrisa Zindros Boyce

Executive Coach

For more about Chrisa click here

What Tracy’s Clients Say

I am undergoing a transition in my business and Tracy helped me with crystallising the “new me”. She was exceptional at understanding and translating what I wanted to represent into a functional, funky and super awesome look, without breaking the bank. I also loved her practical, creative and non-judgemental approach. She helped me to appreciate my body and really taught me some invaluable lessons on how to look good. She’s the kind of person who becomes an instant friend – thanks so much Tracy, you rock!

Shirley Manson-Bishop

As I’m transitioning into a new and better chapter of my life, I reached out for an online styling session with Tracy Gold.

She helped me immensely in addressing issues like how to dress for my body (now that it’s changed a bit), how to wear and layer the most flattering styles. 

I love the “boho” look, it’s not a flattering style for me, so Tracy showed me ways to still incorporate that overall essence, but in the right fit and look for my own personal image and body shape.

Tracy is wonderful, engaging, and helped keep me on track to get the most out of our session. I will DEFINITELY be booking more sessions with her as I continue working on a wardrobe that suits my life, personal style and body shape.

Lesley Webb

I didn’t realize that stepping out of my comfort zone just a little bit would end up with such a great result.  I love the way I look and feel after Tracy styled me, but I still look like ME. It was such a fun, transformative experience.

Jacqueline Perez

Tracy is such a talented designer and stylist. Here fabrics feel so luxurious, and her clothes will make you feel so beautiful! She cares so much about her clients, and works with you to make sure you are getting the best customized outfits. Her shows are also filled with styling tips that offer a unique shopping experience! I’m so glad I trusted Tracy and received the most beautiful dress!

Lindsay Ball

What impressed me about Tracy’s approach to wardrobe planning is her unpretentious manner. On my first consultation, she was not judgmental at all. I was so worried she’d think I was this real prude, with no fashion sense to speak of. Instead, she probed my lifestyle, my likes and dislikes, how I like to be perceived, what I want to communicate, not once commenting on just how bad or how good my outfit I’d put together for our meeting that day was. I genuinely felt she was trying to get to know me in the context of my job but also to understand the person I am away from the glitz and glamour, when I’m just an ordinary mother and a wife with a busy household to manage. It was a refreshing experience to be valued as an individual with her own sense of style and purpose.

Sonya Naude

Our session today was the best investment in me. I went home and ‘de-tent-ised’ my wardrobe. What an eye opening experience – I have never followed the principles you enlightened me to!

Before I had the session, some detractors said ‘why waste all that money let me just take you shopping’. Well they could have chosen the right clothes for me, or not, but I would not personally have those empowering principles. Thus, I would go on wasting even more money on clothes that don’t flatter me.

Therefore, worth every cent. And your package is such value for money. More than anything, YOU make it work – your ability to truly listen to the client, draw them out of their fashion fixed ideas and introduce them to new fabulous ideas. Wala! The fab butterfly emerges from the cocoon. That’s how I feel Tracy. Never been an introvert but our session brought out ME – a really fabulous me.

Nonisa Sipambo

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